Israeli Minister of Tourism 乌齐兰 multi-awarded to Liu Ye Tourism Ambassador certificate
Sohu Entertainment News recently, Liu Ye as tourism ambassadors, by the Israeli Tourism Minister Uzi Landau • interview, and was awarded the Tourism Ambassador certificate.
In the meantime, Liu Ye successively visited Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea and other places, to experience the beautiful scenery of Israel.
Liu Ye feel any Israeli Tourism Goodwill Ambassador to the customs of the country
• Israeli Tourism Minister Uzi Landau said that when he met Liu Ye, Liu Ye very honored to serve as tourism ambassadors such an important position, hoping Liu Ye popularity in China to attract more attention to Israel. • Uzi Landau not only granted Liu Ye “Tourism Goodwill Ambassador” title, awarded him an honorary certificate, also the Hebrew Bible as a gift to Liu Ye.

In the next few days, Liu Ye succession tour Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea and other places. Among them, the World War II Memorial in Israel, Liu Ye saw Schindler’s photos, monuments and share of “Schindler’s List.” And when you play the Dead Sea, Liu Ye play big hair, his body painted black mud, moment “was Senior black.” In addition to sightseeing,
Liu Ye also participated in the local Jewish National Fund (Jewish national fund, referred to KKL) in tree planting activities, in testimony to the friendly relations of friendship between the two countries in the forest, along with his wife planted saplings.

Liu Ye and local counterparts had a good talk Meet filming Israeli customs at the same time feel, Liu Ye also contacted the local counterparts, and chat about the film’s topic. Chairman of the Jerusalem Film Fund about safety and Liu
Ye hit it off, they had a good talk. Finally, a more warm and inviting about Ann Liu Ye, have the opportunity to go to Jerusalem to shoot movies.

And Liu Ye in Israel went, the local people will be prominently placed in the active site on to national flags, a symbol of friendship between the two sides, and that the arrival of Liu Ye welcome.

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